Thursday, June 21, 2007

SNAG Vendors

If you have not been to SNAG, the vendor room is the most fun! Getting to touch tools, see them demo'd and handling gemstones is great. I have bought hammers that I wouldn't have bought from a catalog, but once I saw them used and held them I fell in love. I fell for this anvil stand at the Rio Grande booth, but couldn't afford it this time. After drooling all day wednesday over it, I come by on thrusday and my buddy Marlene True was standing there buying it! And my other grad school compadre, Catherine Osgood, was ordering one as well!

Some of the gem dealers including Bill Gangi, who along with John Frei sponsor the band at the final night party each year.

This is Charon Kransen's booth. He is a New York dealer, originally from Amsterdam, who handles international jewelry artists as well as books on jewelry and metalsmithing, rare, used and new. I adore books so I go nuts in his booth each year.
There's a link to his site to the right with the other links.

The Rio Grande booth.... like a candy store!

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