Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Anyone who is anybody

The trolleys in Memphis are wonderful and run on steel rails still.

This coke machine in the hall was poignant, truly anyone who is anybody in the metals world is at SNAG drinking cocktails in the Peabody lobby. some may call them the usual suspects! The Otto Frei guys, Suzanne Ramljak, RonHo, Paulette Myers, Phillip Baldwin, Tim Mc Creight, Tom Mann, Tom Muir, Fred Fenster, Todd Reed, Harlan Butt, Todd Pardon, Sam Shaw, Sarah Perkins, Mary Ann Scherr, Doug Harling, Mary Chuduck, Cynthai Eid, Felicke van der Leest, Elizabeth Brim, Tom Joyce, Betty Helen Longhi, David Huang, Ce Ce Wire, Arline Fisch, Barbara Minor, Melissa Huff, Linda Threadgill, Ken Bova, Jim Cotter, Joe Wood, Sandra Enterline, Marilyn and Jack da Silva, the people From Facere and Velvet da Vinci galleries, Charon Kransen, Linda Kay -Moses, Andy Cooperman....and so, so many more! I even got to sit next to Tim Mc Creight on a flight coming home.

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