Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wounded Warriors -Metalsmithing?

Hey Folks, If anyone is reading this let me know what you think... I have this seed of an idea. What if we teach Wounded Warriors how to make jewelry and basic metalsmithing?
It will probably require going to Camp Lejeune and taking tools up there. I've made some inquiries anyone interested?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Open Studio Day!

In my personal studio
at Independent Art Company
Thursday May 21st from 2-5pm

$15.00 per person

This is a time that I offer, as a favor, for people who don't have their own studios, and want social time with other metalsmiths, to use my personal studio while I work on my own projects.

This is NOT a class!
I will not be instructing, therefore you must know the proper use and handling of the tools. They are my own personal tools, be mindful!

Also, You MUST email
or call 910-538-1246 to sign up
we are limited to the first 5 people due to space.
Bring your own metal and any small hand tools you have like saw, pliers.
I do have 5 benchpins.