Monday, June 11, 2007

Mitzi's Idea

It's all her fault....well...still, many have had the idea but she actually made a move. Mitzi Jonkheer came to see me at work to say she'd long been thinking about starting a Metalsmiths guild here in the Port City. It has also been a dream of mine since the late 90's, when Marcia MacDonald suggested it. When Mitzi mentioned it I thought it was high time. I have been blogging and decided to start a blog for Cape Fear Metalsmiths. I hope you will be interested in joining us in formalizing a community for us to talk shop, compare notes, commiserate and share. We live in such a artistically rich region that is attracting new metalsmiths all the time, why not get together both in cyberspace and in the literal world?

I am adding links to the blog all the time, email me with suggestions. I hope this can function as a spring board.
Please! We want your thoughts! Contribute and comment and help us get the ball rolling.


melissa t. said...

i think this is a brilliant idea... and it will be great to reconnect with you all, as well as meet the new metalsmiths intown.

Red Dog Designs said...

Are there any metalsmiths in the Wilmington area offering classes?