Monday, February 2, 2009


Hey folks! I went to the local ABANA meeting!!
The Artist Blacksmith Association of North America was so cool! They had a demo by Peter Ross an extremely accomplished blacksmith, along with another demo by Jimmy Alexander the NC ABANA president. The event was at Intracoastal Iron's shop off Old Wrightsboro Road out near Castle Hayne. SOOOO cool! And I'd made a keychain and put in the "Iron in the Hat" raffle. Raffle tickets were $1. The money is used by NC ABANA for a scholarship program for members to go to blacksmithing workshops. They grilled food and had a big spread for lunch and took lunch donations. There had to have been 30 people there it was so exciting. I met Dumay Gorham and Paul Hill both local sculptors, and saw my pal Cindi Buell. I'd love to get her involved in our group. I think we should have a raffle!

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