Friday, August 22, 2008


Tonight we had a little meet-n-greet at Wabi Sabi Warehouse at 5pm. It was a great group! I laughed and really enjoyed myself.
It really can be a small town, I realized I had admired Debra's work at TS Brown jewelry. Daniel realized he had seen Sara's work at Port City Pottery. We chatted and shared ideas, very fun. I was so jazzed I chattered Robert's ear off when I got home.
I look forward to planning more events. I have long daydreamed about a vibrant metal community here in Wilmington. I go to SNAG and see these big time metals guilds in big cities that sponser such conventions. I think if we could grow and sponser juried shows, scholarships for our members to go take classes elsewhere, guest artists... the possibilities are endless even for a small town like ours. You don't have to be a professional metalsmith to want to be surrounded by quality, creative stimuli involving metal! I think we should strive to bring together like minded folk, creative souls interested in manipulating metal, or enjoying metal work even if its made by others, heck just talking about the metal arts world gets me excited! I just had such a good time....

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debraacts said...

It was great meeting artists. You are right about a small world. I'm hoping that this group becomes very active. The artists that I met are talented in various areas of the arts. It should make for some creative work.