Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Saturday Luncheon

Well! I think our luncheon went well. There were six of us and we met and talked mostly about what we each do, and why forming a metals group is a good thing. Everyone is in agreement, sharing our stories, or experiences, commiserating and pooling resources can only benefit ourselves and the community. We agreed that educating our public here in Wilmington and the surrounding area is imperative. Metalsmithing is little known here and largely misunderstood. Banding together for shows, demonstrations and workshops can only help us get better exposure and publicity. The more Wilmington is exposed to what we do the better they will understand and appreciate art jewelry and metalsmithing. That just makes the pie bigger in my opinion. As a group we would also like to pool resources to hire professionals from outside our area to come here and teach workshops. I have some ideas I will put into the works for this one too. As usual any suggestions are welcomed! We want to all meet again. I know there are at least 6-7 other metalsmiths in town I'd love to extend the invitation to. If you know someone bring them next time...or just mention us. If you are shy... join us! Email me! Its a small but very welcoming group because we artists need to get out of our creative caves from time to time.